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Limit Orders

Traditionally, companies would not have the option to determine exchange rates. With limit orders offered by payment companies, they only release payment when a specific currency pair reaches the preferred rate as indicated by the client. Think of it as an “active rate alert” meaning that the platform will not only alert you when your preferred x-rate has been reached – it will additionally go beyond and automatically trigger your transfer at this rate. Note: on each platform, this feature may be coined a little differently, see more below.

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Limit orders save time. Businesses do not have to monitor markets daily to get the best rates. It is a one-off task to load the payments and limit the preferred exchange rate. Accounting staff can load multiple international payments in advance and set one-off rates.
Saving money
If a company has to make payments from the United States to Europe and can do so at a preferred exchange rate, it can tremendously boost the bottom line. It adds financial value to each payment made as they receive the best market-level per dollar exchanged.
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Companies Offering Best Market Orders

Currencies Direct

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Currencies Direct names its product Market Orders, but it is essentially the same as a Limit order. It has a very comprehensive offering, and businesses can pre-book one-off or recurring payments. Once the market level reaches the indicated rate, Currencies Direct will automatically release the payment. While there is a minimum threshold per payment of $100, the company’s Market Orders certainly have perks – they’re fully automated once loaded, have multiple integrations to accounting software, and are easy to use and configure via a mobile app.

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CurrencyFair provides a unique peer-to-peer marketplace that empowers you to set your own exchange rate. Trade on your own terms. By choosing your own rate on our secure peer-to-peer marketplace, you could even beat the FX rate available at that time in the currency markets – meaning more money goes straight to your bottom line. Gain complete control of your FX and trade on your own terms. Set up email rate alerts of your favorite exchange rates and get notifications of live exchange rates by email.


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XE conveniently offers reserving limit orders online. A business can create an official order to instruct XE to buy or sell currency on its behalf when it hits a specific target rate. An XE rep will email the client a contract for the order, which they must pay via local bank transfer. While it’s not a fully automated process, XE provides simple plug-in integrations into existing software. XE also offers credit facilities to make quick payments at the preferred rate.


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On the OFX platform, the term for limit orders is “target rate transfers”. It is a live feature that is available Monday through Friday, 24 hours a day. Companies can set up multiple currency pair target rates throughout the day. While the feature is not fully automated, a specific target rate can be set up for six month and there’s a convenient mobile app for simple management.


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The WorldFirst “Firm Order” allows companies to set up future payments when the market hits a preferred level on a currency pair. WorldFirst operates 24/7 and only needs a one-off instruction to conduct business on a company’s behalf.WorldFirst offers good rates, but customers need to arrange each payment individually.

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Providers offer various terms and conditions for using a limit order feature, but the benefits remain unchangeable. It allows companies to trade only when the market level on a currency pair hits a preferable rate. It ultimately means a payment will cost less money from the payer. Go To Full Comparison